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Many of these rates (before taxes, might I add) haven’t changed in 20 years. $100-$250 in 1994 aint the same as in 2014. This is why Comic Book Conventions for many comic illustrators, in many cases, are the lifeblood of their comic making (commissions, direct fan interaction books sales). 

Support your local mainstream or indie comic artist!!!!

Source: http://www.ehow.com/info_8068093_much-artist-make-per-project.html


That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.


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Paper dolls by Maki Hino

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im ugly

no ur not

shit that was smooth as fuck

everyone in this website is getting so smooth omg O _ O

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hey, i'm christine--i'm a eighteen year old from ohio who is probably a little bit too obsessed with noel fielding and doctor who, haha. aside from spending all my hours on tumblr, i love to make art--it occupies a lot of my time!! well anyway, welcome to my blog, i am a pretty happy person so i try to post things that will make you that way, too! feel free to send a message, i am here for you, and i always reply!